If You're Not Satisfied with Your Home Purchase, 



Buying a home is a huge decision - one you literally have to live with! When you buy a home through John DeSantis & Associates, we strive to find you the perfect home -- one you'll be happy with for years to come. You see, we have many unique systems especially for our buyers which allow us to quickly zero in on exactly what you're looking for and help you beat out other buyers to the best new listings.

As a VIP Buyer, you will benefit from Eight Exclusive Buyer Saltisfaction Guarantees:


1.1.YOU Get Pre-approved FREE of Charge for a Home Loan and get access to special financing.
You get more home for your money, you don’t waste time on homes above or below your price range & beat out buyers not pre-approved.
2.2.YOU receive the best new listings that match YOUR criteria BEFORE the average buyer knows about them!
You can beat other buyers to all the HOT NEW LISTINGS!
3.3.YOU are backed by our Specialized  Market Knowledge.
You get the house you want at the lowest possible price and on the best terms and conditions.
4.4.YOU have an entire TEAM of Pros and Leading-Edge Technology at your disposal, at no extra cost!
Our State-Of-The-Art Technology and unique TEAM Sales System means you save time and money & your transactions are hassle-free.
5.5.YOU receive an Home Security of America  Home Warranty ($400.00)
You have the security of knowing your home is protected!
6.6.YOU get a written Cancellation Guarantee, signed by us, that allows you to cancel if we do not live up to the promises we make!
YOU are in control, not the real estate agent.  You get our signed, written commitment – we take all the risk so you don’t have to!
7.7.YOU get a written Satisfaction Guarantee, that insure you are satisfied with your purchase
If within 18 months you are not 100% satisfied with your new property John SeSantis & Associates will buy it back.
8. You get priority access to competent affiliates that can assist you with your total home purchase needs and circumstantial details.
We have special relationships with Title Companies, Home Inspectors, Certified Engineers and others that can handle those special needs.

As stated above, we go the extra mile for our buyers - even AFTER you've purchased your home!

Your satisfaction is still guaranteed. If, for whatever reason, you become dissatisfied with the home you purchased within 18 months, we'll buy it back from you!

*Here's how it works. When you buy a home through John DeSantis & Associates

1. If, for whatever reason, you become dissatisfied with your home purchase within 18 months, I guarantee to sell your present home before you take possession of your next one, or I will buy it myself for an upfront guaranteed price which I'll give you in writing.

2. If you receive an offer that is higher than the guaranteed price from an outside buyer, you get the higher offer, not me.

This means that when you buy through John DeSantis & Associates, you can do so knowing there's a safety net under you. If you're not happy with your home purchase within 18 months, we'll buy it back!

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